EQ Windows shows the way to the best buys

EQ Windows is a cooperative venture between leading manufacturers of energy-rated windows. Together we seek to increase awareness among consumers and decision-makers about the impact of windows on the energy consumption of buildings. The aim is to help achieve energy savings and improve the environment by choosing energy-rated windows.

The aim is to save energy

Energy-rated windows are energy-efficient and beneficial to both the environment and your budget. The window energy-rating system was initiated by the Swedish Energy Agency in 2006 as a project to increase the proportion of energy-efficient windows in residential dwellings. Today, this rating system is run by the members of the EQ Windows association, which now comprises window manufacturers from Sweden and other European countries.

The purpose of the energy rating is to provide purchasers of windows with reliable information and a sound basis on which to make decisions. The aim of EQ Windows is to improve window quality, generate greater interest in energy efficiency and help bring about a better environment.

Independent certification body

The purpose of the energy rating is to make it easier to compare performance between different windows. The more energy-efficient windows there are installed in Sweden, the greater the energy savings and the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. To ensure the energy rating itself is reliable and independent of the interests of the industry, energy ratings are only awarded by certification bodies accredited by Swedac.

The U-value is not the whole story

 The energy rating provides an accurate picture of a window’s energy efficiency, as all aspects are involved in the calculation. A window may have a low U-value and not be the most energy-efficient – if it does not ensure a perfect seal, for instance. The calculation is based on the overall performance of the window. Under the tab TIPS & ADVICE, you will find the link Differences between various windows, which contains more information about what you should bear in mind when choosing windows.