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The route to energy rating and labelling of windows

Any company that manufactures or distributes windows can apply for energy rating and labelling of its window product(s). Energy rating and labelling is based on a voluntary labelling system administered by EQ Windows and implemented in accordance with our criteria – see below. The energy rating and labelling itself is awarded by a certification body accredited by Swedac.

First energy rating and labelling, then membership

Any window company that has been awarded energy labelling is welcome to apply for membership of EQ Windows. Membership is not a requirement of energy labelling, but is based on the adage that together we become better. Read more on the producer web pages.

EQ Windows’s criteria for energy rating and labelling.

This is how Swedac deals with accreditation.

In Sweden it is RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (an amalgamation of Innventia, SP and Swedish ICT) that is accredited for energy rating and labelling of windows.

Approved Manufacturers